Wednesday, September 12

Welcome to Crazytown

First Day of Work Face

Labor Day

Masterclass: Relaxation by Dr. G. Pickles

Dr. G. Pickles

What do you use a bidet for?

Birthday Dinner

Chuck's baby feet. This makes me wanna die.

The family that naps together.

Fishtail. This takes me FOREVER to do, you?

Happiest Pants

Finally nail polish. (Essie, Stylenomics. It's much more blue-y/green-y)

Four months (17 weeks)


Snuggletown, USA

It's been.... Stressful. I walk into work, start running, and run all day long. I feel like a crazy person. The good news is the doctor that's there right now, said I'm doing a good job. SO, um, yay. But the weird part is that when the doctor I'll actually work for get back, we're changing things. It's all very confusing and weird and limbo-y. The puppy comes to work with me now, so he's getting good exposure to being awesome. I can't believe he's almost 18 weeks old (this Friday). He's 5.2 pounds and just the cutest boy. He makes me laugh every day. It makes me so happy that Pants loves him too. The moment I get home, they launch themselves at each other and play until they crash. Chuck's not fully in love with the puppy, especially since I left them together while at Saturwork and the puppy diarrhead on the couch. He's being slowly won over because Pants loves Dr. Gumball Pickles so much.


carissajade said...

Your puppy is so cute!!! I'm sure Chuck will love him soon. Glad to see you are doing well!!!

Fizzgig said...

your dog can use the bidet? i tip my hat to took me a year to teach mine how to even fetch! you are the new dog whisperer!

Eric said...

The last picture of your two dogs napping... great! I wish I had time for dogs.