Monday, December 10

Pickle Chicken

Pickle chicken will change your life. For the better. Probably. Maybe pickle chicken will turn you into a prostitute because you'll need money to buy pickles, I don't know. However, what I do know, is that pickle chicken will change. Your. Life.

You'll need:
Pickle juice
Chicken breasts
Flour mixture (I used a gluten free all purpose flour)
A few eggs with a little water or milk whisked in
Peanut oil

Tools you'll need:
Chicken smasher
Zzzzzip!lock bags
Aluminum foil
Tongs (one for raw chicken, one for cooked chicken)

First, you'll need to smash your chicken breasts within an inch of their lives (oops). What I do, because I don't mess around with chicken because it's gross, is line my counter with some aluminum foil, put two chicken breasts in each gallon ziplock bag and have one more open ziplock for the marinating. Also, I don't use the tenderizer part of the meat smasher, I just use the flat part with no pointiness because I don't wanna make holes in my bags.

I'm smashing!
Once you've achieved your desired thickness, transfer your smashed chicken into one ziplock all together. Then add pickle juice to cover. I also usually sprinkle some pepper in there too. Then roll up your bag to get the air out, BUT DON'T GET RAW CHICKENY PICKLE JUICE ON THE COUNTER BECAUSE, GROSS. GAH! 
Pickle bath.
The chickens hang out for about 30 minutes to an hour in the pickle juice bath. I leave them out on the counter (gasp!) for that time period and I've never done them longer than that so I don't know if you can make it ahead. I do turn the bag over every so often as I think of it. Anywho, once they've been in there long enough, make your breading station. I use the same aluminum foil to go under the two bowls, one with egg wash and one with flour. I spice up both bowls; the eggs just with pepper and salt, the flour with s&p, cayenne pepper, granulated garlic/onion, paprika and whatever else you'd like. 

Then the fun (gross) begins. Drip off your pickle juice and put your chicken in the egg mixture, then drip off the egg mixture and flour on both sides. Make a pile of breaded chicken on a plate to easily transfer to the fryer. Next, fry at 375'F for about 10ish minutes until chicken is a) cooked and b) nicely browned.
Oh, yeah, baby!
While you're frying a few at a time, you can put the cooked ones in a 200'F oven to keep them nicely toasty. Then you eat everything right up with green beans and mashed potatoes.



Eric said...

Old man Sanders gots nothing on you all. Isn't it weird that Vlasic uses a bird to advertise pickles?

Fizzgig said...

whodathunk such a delicious treat? I'm going to try a baked version, and love it just the same!! yum!!!

Anonymous said...

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