1/365: Hide Yo Birds

It’s been what, 10-12 days since I last blogged? That’s weird for me since it’s not like I have some pressing book deadline to get to an editor or anything, which means I’ve been punching myself in the face trying to come up with something worth saying. Deadpan. I’ve decided to give a photo-a-day thing a try, so like, I’ll post a photo… a..day. I’ll try and do it for 365 days.

I probably won’t make it. I’ll probably make it like 9 days and still manage to impress myself. I figure if I do this it will force me to take a better look at my surroundings and find something interesting or intriguing to show the world. Maybe they will come with captions, or paragraphs, in the case of this first picture. This is a lot of writing for my first photo. You get the point.

Here’s photo number 1, of some finches all over my mom’s new bird feeder. They’re totally adorable, right? Yea, except when blackbirds come and kick them off the feeders. My mom isn’t an equal opportunity bird feeder and she shoo’ed all the mean blackbirds away, so now they sit below the feeders and eat the food that falls.

So I was sitting at the kitchen trying to get a pic of a cute little finch and every. single. time I flipped on my camera they’d fly away. Are their ears that sensitive? Do birds even have ears? At the point where I’d normally say fuck it I realized I wasted like 15 minutes trying to get a picture of a damn finch, so I decided I wouldn’t let them win and wasn’t leaving until I got one.

And this is what I got. I imagine that the finch with the sprawled out legs was startled at the time I took this photo, and chirped “WHO?! WHO THERE?!” kinda like Queen Latifah when she was startled and woken up in the movie “Bringin’ Down The House.” This is what happens when you spend 15 minutes trying to snap pictures of birds through a window. Got you, little bitches. Tough luck when that feeder runs dry.

My dog judged me the whole time. Does this count as photo 2/365? I’ll say no, because I’m not a cheater.

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