Month: January 2018

grizzly bear, unicorn, rainbow

as you might be able to tell by now, i’ve gone completely and utterly insane. also, i got some new shiny cardboard. we bought sheets. if that doesn’t make sense, i’ll let you know that when you buy…

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would you like to donate $1 to help legless, orphaned albino elephants in ethiopia?

“no, i wouldn’t!” i always reply with a smile. my smile only falters when the uppity, self-righteous checkout lady gives me the death stare. in those few moments of silence, i can feel the judgement. i can see…

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this is the re-mix!!! *spins dope records on those spinny things*

No Picture

i re-capped 2017 in my book* because, well, why the fuck not, amirite? no, but seriously, i wanted to kind of get a feel for the whole “shootin’ match.” (i’ve been watching too much anne burrell at lunch,…

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