Month: September 2018

Reasons It’s Not Almost Thanksgiving

I *just* removed the skulls from my mantle display, I need a little more November before we settle into Thanksgiving. I haven’t been to WholeFoods to get the gluten free pie crusts. They’re gonna be gone by the…

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Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge – Day Six

Happy Monday, y’all! Wait,… Is there such a thing as a happy Monday? Anywhoddles, I’m back from a weekend filled with packing and moving, (read: exhausting weekend) and once again, I’m linking with with these two fabulous ladies…

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Dear Weekend,

Please be good to me. This past week has kicked my ass. Between freak allergic reactions that left my face blotchy and swollen, and moving into our new house, and a sick and snotty toddler, I can’t handle…

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