Month: November 2021

Cinco De I’m still gonna drink Irish beer, ok?

Scene: Cinco De Mayo. Manhattan Beach. 12:30am. Enchilada food baby. Guinness food baby. Light breeze. Teens making out under the pier. Big waves. Coworker: My wife rarely drinks, but when she does drink she drinks like a…. camel… or…

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Crunch time

Oh, shit. That picture probably makes you think I’m sitting at the edge of my bed with a loaded gun and case of Jack In The Box tacos, but I actually chose it because I’m trying to find…

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Learn how to unlock your phone network

Have you ever tried to use a subscription phone with another card? If something didn’t seem to be working, it’s because the phone needs decoding to work on more than one network. Usually, when you buy a phone…

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