Month: August 2022

Taking control, embracing change and feeling good even though I’m so overwhelmed I can’t stop grinding my teeth

So you wanna hear some shit? I’ve been wanting to sit down here and actually write but I was like “man, I’m busy and can’t put my blog before really important things.” Then I was like “yea, except I could…

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Don’t cry over raw images.

So over the past few days I took some senior photos of my sister even though I don’t know anything about taking pictures of people. I figure if I’m ever going to take pictures of humans, it would…

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The Marigold That Grew From Greyscale

My freshman year of college I took an English composition class based on the life and works of Tupac Shakur. We focused most lessons on the poems written in his earlier years. I don’t even like poetry, but…

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