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Maybe its the stage of pregnancy, or maybe its just the weather, but this week has for sure been BLAH. I normally get the kids outside at least twice a day. Whether it be for a walk or just running around in the grass. If Ive gotten them out at least once a day for a few minutes Ive considered it a success. And Ive taken a nap every day! I hate taking naps, I feel so unproductive, so for me to take a nap says a lot about my exhaustion at this point. And this is a working weekend for me, which means even less sleep.

I never had this problem with Braxton. I could literally go to sleep at 10 pm and sleep until 10 or 11 the next morning. With only waking up once to go pee. But this time around, I go to bed at 11 and I HAVE to be up every morning during the week by 7. Thats a luxury if I actually get to sleep that late. Typically Braxton crawls in my bed around 230 and Im too tired to put him back in his own, and then Im up every hour on the hour and he wakes me up at 630. This makes for a very grumpy momma.

I need to get these boys out of the house tomorrow even if it just means trecking up and down our wretched hill. I hate that hill, but who knows maybe it will put me into labor? And as crazy as it sounds, Trey and I have been joking around that being in the hospital might be like a mini vacation. Haha, just kidding…kinda?

On a better, less moody note– Camden will be here within the next two weeks!! We are so beyond excited to meet our little man! Well our littlest little man. Because big brother still has such a huge part of my heart. Sometimes I wonder how Im going to love Camden as much as I love Braxton, or if my heart is going to be able to hold all that love. But I can guarantee you, Ill find a way. They say your heart just grows bigger, not that your love for your first born grows smaller. I guess we will see just how true that is!

Camden is growing like a weed and already at 8lbs! Go go grow little one, just not too much please! Id like to hold a newborn, not a 16 year old! Trey only got one day off this week because of stupid labor day, but let me tell you–we lived it UP on his day off. After I got off work, we spent the entire night focusing on Braxton and each other. It was WONDERFUL and I loved every minute of it. And on Labor Day we had all kinds of family over and all kinds of loving going on! It was a beautiful thing! We will know next week when our induction date is, and I couldnt be more excited! Time to start buckling down and really getting things ready!

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