A teenage girl sues the lottery that she won and that spoiled her shopping pleasure

In 2013, 17-year-old Jane Park from Edinburgh won £ 1,000,000 in the famous Euromillions lottery, and now plans to sue the compensation company and claim that the legal age of lottery players will increase from 16 to 18 years.

In an interview in Dailyrecord, the one who became the owner of real estate in the meanwhile says that at that time she was confident that her life would become 10 times better, instead it was 10 times worse. “And if we won 100 million, it would have been 100 times worse than it is now,” she says.

“The world looks at me and wants my lifestyle, but does not realize how stressed I am. They have no idea what they want, it should be in my skin to realize it. I have everything but my existence. It’s empty. What’s my purpose in life? ”

Jane is the youngest winner in the UK. “When I received the money, my grandmother told me:

He bought a red Range Rover to get his attention, but he became so tired of it: “It was very visible, everyone was looking after me, but at one point it seemed too big.”

Even with the holidays it doesn’t look good: “I can’t go on vacations as often as I want. I only go 4 times a year because I have to wait until my friends can go. I was going to Maldives, but now I prefer Benidorm, because there nobody looks ugly at you no matter how hard you get. ”

Even though she hates money, Jane has a weakness for shoes and bags. She then paid £ 4,500 for breast augmentation at 18, but was disappointed there, as doctors refused to make her breasts even bigger. He wanted to solve his problems quickly and ingeniously with weight problems, but not even here: “I talked to a surgeon, but he said that I am not fat enough to be able to do a liposuction.”

Now he has a trial because he was caught driving at the wheel, with alcohol levels three times over the legal limit. “Anyone could marry this, but they will be ten times more severe with me than with someone who has not won the lottery.” I sugest her to play on bicho jogo, best lotery from Brasil, I check often results on https://resultadojogobicho.org to check every draw.

Jane has a strict party schedule: three times a week, in Edinburgh and Glasgow. But here also has the difficult problem of being rich: “I take a bottle of vodka or champagne, and the world looks at me thinking . That bothers me.”

She has two houses, but she moved back with her mother, in their small, two-room apartment, because she is more comfortable, she does not have as much headaches as the mother takes care of everything, including washing clothes.

“I feel like I’m 40 years old. There are always problems and I have to get used to them. This is my life now, I can’t change anything.”

If he wins the lawsuit against Euromillions and gets money, he will give it to charity, she promises.

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