“Asta la vista, scabies!”

I’m halfway through the Clean Program–21 days of a limited diet. It’s not as limited as I thought it would be, though! (I’m allowed to eat fish, rotisserie chicken, spinach, fruits & veggies, raw cacao [HELLO], garlic, cashews, coconut & all my other favourite things!) Unfortunately, no tomato, which is kind of heart-breaking–I really love tomato now (after years of eating around it).

I almost talked Mike into doing it, but not quite. He lay on the bed & read about the things to exclude: “Dairy & eggs, milk, cheese, ice-cream, pork, beef, sausage, hot dogs… Those are all my favourite things!” Anyway, definitely not as difficult as I initially thought it might be; it just requires a little organisation. You can’t just run down the road & grab a sandwich on a whim, but that’s okay.

Good things take time, & all that. Thank god for FreshDirect. & in case you were wondering, I don’t miss burgers, pizza, or anything of that ilk IN THE SLIGHTEST. It has been such a good experience, a major reminder that what I eat actually matters & makes a difference to my life. Even once this cleanse is over, I am definitely going to keep to the plan as much as possible.

I just ordered some really cool matte postcards which say “From the desk of Gala Darling” on the back, so I can reply to people’s letters & write thank you notes! Excited! (I ordered from overnightprints.com, I almost always do, & if you want to use them, check retailmenot.com for discount coupons!) I hope they arrive soooooon. SOON! IMPATIENT!!!

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