I can’t even contain my excitement any longer about the fact that Jerrod is coming to town this weekend.

A few weeks ago I was like “hey, would you mind coming to visit me in California so I can use the carpool lane and have someone to hold my purse for me while I try stuff on?” and he was like “sure! Can I fan you and feed you funnel cake on the beach, too?” And I was like “totally! Can we get animal style In-N-Out burgers as soon as you get here?” and he was like “Where do I sign? Where the HELL do I sign, Mandy?” And then he booked a flight.

So I’ll be showing him my favorite things in the area like the amazing Target next door to my hotel, the Manhattan Beach Aquarium with a sign on one of the tanks that I SWEAR says “donated by Dick Pizza,” and a bar in Hermosa Beach that has a Detroit Lions banner above the bar even though nobody has cheered for the Lions since 1991.

It’s gonna be a good time.

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