Blog anxieties

It’s really hard to write daily. Exciting things just don’t happen to me on a regular basis, or if they do, I don’t know how to blog about them. I’d been writing this post about something that happened to me last Saturday, but just now realized that it’s 11:35, leaving me 25 minutes to finish the second half of a post that’s really important to me.

If I weren’t doing NaPbo, I’d just keep writing and post it past the midnight mark, or leave it ’til tomorrow. That’s why I’ve always been reluctant to commit myself to daily or even regular posting–the pressure sometimes sucks all the fun out of blogging, and I don’t produce quality content. But I’m looking at NaPboas a writer’s workshop exercise of sorts–maybe if I write a little each day, about whatever I want, the practice itself will make me a more fluent writer. Maybe as time goes on, I’ll feel a little less stumped for material every time I sit down to write my daily entry.

Maybe it will help me feel more confident in my writing assignments for school. Or maybe the constant self-expectation will break my spirit and erode any happiness I experience from keeping a blog. Either of those scenarios, in any case, would make for interesting blogging. So, I think, even though I’m pretty frustrated about not being ready to post this epic entry I started working on about an hour ago, I guess it may be for The Greater Good. Because apparently this is an OrwelliBlog.

How do you guys decide how many times a week/day/hour to post? Do you prefer to read blogs that forgo regular posts for awesome, awesome content, or do you really like reliability? And do you ever feel the same way that I do–that you’re getting neither in? I sure hope so.

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