Born to hand-jive!

Things which are happening in my life: I am still going to the gym twice a week (& thinking of increasing it 3 times a week, but it is tricky because I always have appointments & have to shuffle shit around. We’ll see). The other night I went to a party for TLC (the channel, not the group, sob, RIP Left Eye) which was held in a rooftop garden on the top of the Rockefeller “Center”. (Have to resist not typing “centre”.) There were people there from American Chopper, Say Yes To The Dress, Cake Boss, etc., & lots of good food. Then I went to the Patricia Field party, also in a rooftop garden. Have been doing lots of friendship evaluation & putting my foot down re: the value of my time & effort. (Read: I don’t work for free. Ever.)

Other: I really love having bangs, I want to keep my hair like this for a really long time. I worked on Love & Sequins #9 ALL last week & finally released it & I am so happy! Everyone seems to be loving it which is so wonderful, there is no better feeling.

More other: We’re adopting a dog! As I am typing this right now, The Dish is picking her up from where we found her (Little Monsters in the E.Vil) & taking her home. She was spayed this morning. I am so excited to get home & see my new little family!

I’m posting this from my Virgin America flight back to NYC from Las Vegas. I was there from Tuesday seeing my Australian bestie & shopping the Memorial Day sales. God, we had such a good time, & I decided to make it an ACTUAL holiday for myself by not posting anything or being online much. It was totally what I needed, when is the last time I didn’t post for a week? Like, never? We went to see SATC2 (so, so, so bad), had dinner at Mesa Grill, did mega-spa time, went to multiple malls & bought lots of make-up. Haha.

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