California adventures?

Are you guys sick of hearing about my California adventures yet? Well, I’ve got a month left so it’s probably not stopping anytime soon. I’m sorry but actually no, I’m not.

My Mom came to visit me this weekend because her husband is working through the holiday in Scotland so I brought her around to some of my favorite places, even though I think the only reason she came was so she could see what Target is like in California (the same, with a bit more produce) (if you were wondering) (you probably weren’t).

Friday we went by Hermosa and Manhattan Beach and did a little shopping. Actually, that’s really all we did all weekend.

Saturday we went up to Griffith Observatory which I have to say is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. I love that you drive through the winding roads up the hill to get there, then it’s just a nice open area to hang out with views of the city from every angle as a backdrop. We just walked through the “museum” part real quick, so most of our time was spent outside checking out the view and getting awkward sunburns.

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