Camden’s Birth Story:: Day 2

Daddy and I headed to the nursery around 8:45 this morning to check in on you. We were so anxious to get there and the minute we walked in we noticed you were sleeping. So we talked to your new daytime nurse and learned that you were doing pretty well. The nurse was talking about how you would probably be on the ventilator for another day or so and that you were still not strong enough to handle the touching and talking around your crib. Let me tell you–I touched away. No nurse is going to tell me how to love my babies! I just put my hand on your chest with firm pressure and you melted underneath me. I felt your whole body relax and you drifted off to sleep. We left and planned on heading back at 11 for your “hands on time” so we could change your diaper and take your temp.

When we got back we were super excited to see Dr. McKee, your pediatrician. She checked you out while we watched and held hands. Daddy and I both agreed later that we were secretly preparing ourselves for the worst. Believe me, neither of us were expecting her to turn to us and announce “He sounds great. Take him off the ventilator and give him 10 cc’s of milk!” I remember having this HUGE grin on my face and Daddy squeezed my hand. Little did we know after they took you off the ventilator that Dr. McKee was also going to let us hold you!! Momma has never been more excited for anything! Except MAYBE to get my epidural during my labor with you…ahem.

I held you. I kissed you. I fed you. I burped you. I talked to you. I told you how much I loved you.

Daddy kissed you. Daddy wiped formula from your sweet little face. Daddy talked to you and told you he loved you. Daddy took your temp and changed your diaper. Daddy was daddy!

It was probably around 20-30 minutes we held you…..but it felt like 5 seconds. Then you were back in that crib and we missed you as we walked out the door. We came back every 3 hours and did the same routine, minus the holding you part. You continued to get better and we continued to cheer every victory! Oma came by and loved and loved on you. She whispered in your ear about all the things she wanted to do with you. She told you how much she loved you–and you grinned. Im not kidding baby, you full on GRINNED! Im pretty sure it was gas, but we wont tell Oma that. She thinks shes special. I also wont mention how I get those lucky little grins every time I feed you. Lets just keep it between us!

Later on that night they started taking down your oxygen and you got all the way down to 29 percent! At one point you made a HUGE leap from 41 to 35 and we were thrilled at how well you were handling it. You were proving just how much of a fighter you really are. We took hundreds of pictures, and prayed that you were coming home soon. We eventually went to bed after a long day of running back and forth from nursery to room and daddy kept running from nursery to our house to take care of your big brother! We love you little man!! Keep getting strong, and we will keep on loving you. Im here to make sure you come out of this hospital soon. We want you home, but we want you home healthy! I love you!

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