Crunch time

Oh, shit. That picture probably makes you think I’m sitting at the edge of my bed with a loaded gun and case of Jack In The Box tacos, but I actually chose it because I’m trying to find quotes to go along with this post about motivation and inspiration. I’ve felt so creatively dead lately, which is bad when you, ya know, WRITE CREATIVELY FOR A LIVING, and I’ve been in desperate need of a pick-me-up that will make me scared to not do the things I need and want to do. What are those things? All sorts of stuff, but it’s not the point. “Get a move on” is, because one day of laziness can put one hell of a hold on reaching that light at the end of the confused and sort of lost tunnel.

I haven’t been going to yoga, I went 3 days without doing anything of importance other than show up at the job I’m doing out here, and I think I’ve been having a contest against my willpower to see how many Jack In The Box tacos I can eat and how long it takes me to gain 30 pounds. Except I’ve lost 3, so go me. But for real, someone needs to put Jack In The Box out of business for the sake of my thighs. It won’t be me.

This post isn’t supposed to be about tacos. It’s about getting shit done. I can’t even express to you guys how badly I don’t want to go back to Michigan. Of course I want to go so I can have an inspiration brainstorm with Sarah and Mae like we just had via email (the inspiration for this post, I bet they’re so proud), but since I’ve been in California I’ve felt such a weightless feeling when it comes to making decisions and doing things, aside from this brief burst of motivation-killer I’ve had shooting through me.

I like being away from everything that is familiar and comfortable, and 2 months of this just isn’t enough. I’m applying for jobs out here, attempting to pick up a few extra writing gigs and trying to do everything I can to see if I can afford/manage to live here for awhile. I even had a conversation with Shine about dog walking businesses, and apparently we’ve both been thinking about that as a new venture lately. GIVE ME YOUR PUP AND LET ME WALK IT. That’s my slogan.

I don’t know where I’m going with any of this, all I know is that “the time” is right now and it’s no longer OK to sit around and “think” when I could just “do.” I seriously don’t have time for thoughts like “someone else is already doing that” or “I’ll get around to it tomorrow when I’m wearing a more comfortable bra” or “I can’t write a blog unless I’m wearing leggings” or “I’ll figure that out once I get back to Michigan” because I DON’T EVEN WANT TO GO BACK TO MICHIGAN SO WHY AM I PLANNING AROUND IT? Life is too damn long to spend all that time sitting around coming up with new excuses.

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