Dear Weekend,

Please be good to me. This past week has kicked my ass. Between freak allergic reactions that left my face blotchy and swollen, and moving into our new house, and a sick and snotty toddler, I can’t handle anymore. I’ve hardly eaten anything since Tuesday because of this nausea and stomach ache that I can’t shake (no, I’m not pregnant) and my face looks like it’s been run over and put through a meat grinder.

I’m exhausted and every inch of my body hurts. To make matters worse, I *still* don’t have everything moved from the old house. So please, Saturday and Sunday, I’m begging you, be kind. Don’t kick me when I’m down, because I’m not sure I can handle much more. I’m going to take a hot shower, and go to bed early tonight. I hope that when I see you tomorrow morning, you’ve got a genuine smile on your face.


And to all of my fabulous readers, I love y’all! Hopefully you’ve had a better week than I have, and your weekend rocks!

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