Don’t cry over raw images.

So over the past few days I took some senior photos of my sister even though I don’t know anything about taking pictures of people. I figure if I’m ever going to take pictures of humans, it would be best to start with someone I’ve spent the majority of my life bossing around. We took 194 photos and for the most part they turned out pretty awesome (because of her photogenics, not because of my photography skill).

I sat down at about 10pm last night to upload the photos onto my computer. Yesterday was the worst day ever, one of those days where everything goes wrong and you feel like a failure no matter what you do and you think irrational things like “maybe I should eat a cube of cheese, pop an ambien and go to bed at 6pm because then I’ll forget everything that happened today and feel better.

With constipation apparently, because nothing good can possibly come out of eating a cube of cheese before bed.” I decided against that, ate chinese food and uploaded the photos to my computer. And then shit went sideways because all the images were uploaded as PDF files, which like, you cannot use to open and process an image. And I have no idea how the hell that happened and there was no way to open the images the way I’ve always done it. OK maybe I don’t like change as much as I thought I did.

This is when I started crying and cursed my camera and vowed to never pick it up again until I actually LEARN HOW TO USE IT. Like, we busted our balls to take all these photos, spent a lot of time looking for places worth posing, and I don’t even want to talk about how long I spent waiting for her to fix her bangs between shots. All of this time wasted and all of these adorable pictures gone because I don’t know how to use technology. Rationality, what?

I checked out my camera to see if anything looked different and realized I’d been shooting in something called “RAW” mode, which I never noticed or used before. I Googled it and found out RAW mode is basically creating a bigger file that captures all the small details of a photo, leaving them available to you to do what you want. So they’re like, raw. Crazy. Sort of like a photo negative in the digital world.

So that would have been great to take advantage of, but I don’t know dick about photography. Even better, right? Good thing I sell prints. RAW images are not turned into JPEGs because that requires compression that dilutes the RAWness, and it turns out all I had to do was open up Paintshop Pro and convert the images to JPEGs.

Crying was not the solution, the solution actually took way less effort. WHY IS ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THIS IN THE MANUAL, CANON? Women like to read manuals, ya know. They also like to cry, because then I started crying again because I figured it out and realized the images were not useless. I grabbed my hula hoop while they were converting so I could beat my shame out of me for my first world problems.

And then I realized all I ever need to do in order to solve things is chill the fuck out and pull up Google, and 99 percent of the time my problem is fixed. I think I knew that the whole time, but sometimes a girl needs a good cry over electronics.

And even after a shitstorm of a night I still have a really cute family.

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