Finally Friday!

Friday is FINALLY here. And Ive got some great plans for this weekend!

Tonight is of course another Friday Flick Night with the two boys I love most. We are watching a Christmas movie. Im trying to decide between How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express (which we have already seen about 5 times since Thanksgiving), or A Christmas Story.

My personal favorite Christmas movies are Elf and Christmas Vacation. I just cant get enough of the Griswalds and you can never go wrong with Will Ferrel. Like ever. Im obsessed with Talledega Nights. Pretty sure I can quote the WHOLE ENTIRE movie.

Im getting way off track here. Back to my weekend.

So thats my Friday night. Saturday we are FINALLY going to get our Christmas tree (our first LIVE one!) and doing a little bit of Christmas shopping, and then Saturday night.

OH Saturday night. Im getting all dolled up and hitting the town with my fellow momma, Kelly! I cant WAIT! This will be the first time Ive gone out since WAY before C was born. It will be Kelly’s first night out since May. Whew, Im so excited!

Anyways…lets get on with the show.

Five Question Friday.

I know, your DYING to see my answers. Be patient, little reader. Patience is a virtue after all.



Here we go. Im linking up over at Momma M’s!

1. What is on the top of your wish list and why?

The two TOP things I told T, my mom, and my poppa I wanted for Christmas ARE:

a. I want a necklace with my boys names on them. I am constantly telling them I love them to the moon and back. I cant think of a more perfect way for me to feel close to them when Im not. Seriously, how cute is it? I know stamped jewelry is the “in” thing in the mom world. So, this is THE ONE that I want.

I even went as far as to post it to T’s Facebook wall so he could see 🙂 Im not the kinda girl that gives hints. I know if I want something I gotta give T a blatant this-is-what-I-want or Ill end up with something dumb. Like a bread box. Please.

b. I want a new camera. Id LOVE LOVE LOVE a DSLR. But really Ill take just a point and shoot. When we went to NYC over the summer, B took my camera at Coney Island and BROKE IT. I used my mommas for a little while but Id really just like one of my own again.

2. What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past?

It would have to be my first car. My parents suprised me with it a few days before Christmas and the way they did it was AMAZING. We went looking at cars a week before Christmas. I looked at a few but there were none that really stood out to me when we test drove them. Then I saw the car I wanted before we left and I casually mentioned it to my parents. As in a hey-this-is-a-super-cute-car. I never in a million years thought Id get it.

Fast forward about 3 or 4 days later and my parents decided they were going to the mall for a couple of last minute gifts. They said they would be gone all day and we were to stay at home.

Later that evening my mom came and picked us up in my Dads car and said my Dad was already at the restaurant getting us a table. I should have been suspicious then since she would have had to drive 20 minutes out of the way to drop him off then 20 minutes back to come get us and 20 minutes again to the restaurant. Just doesn’t make much sense. But Im gullible and I believed her.

When we pulled into the restaurant I saw the car, and my sister and I commented on how it was such a coincidence that someone bought it and we saw it in the parking lot. Again, I had NO clue! Neither did my sister.

After dinner we leave the parking lot, its pouring down rain, my dad decides last minute he dropped something in the parking lot so we turn around to try to look for it. I remember leaning down under his truck and looking for this stupid thing in the stinkin rain. All of a sudden a key smacks me in the head from when my dad threw it at me. I look up to notice my sister, brother, mom, and dad are all standing by the car. My mom said “Merry Christmas!” Seriously, best present ever!! 🙂 Whew that was a long story. But its SUCH a good story and one of my favorite memories.

3. If you had to do life over, what would you be when you grow up?

Id definitely still be a mom, but I probably would have waited a couple more years. Although I love my babies more than the world, being a young mom is hard sometimes. I always knew I wanted to be a younger mom–just not this young. I figured Id have my first at 25 or so. Not 20.

Id finish school first. And drink more. Or less. Whatever.

But I would STILL want to be a stay at home mom. It would just be easier to be a stay at home mom without trying to finish school on top of it. I mean, I do it. Because I love my boys and I want them to have the best life possible. Im not planning on working until C is in school but it would be nice to not be up so late studying all the time.

4. When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Typically I put up our tree on Black Friday. But this year we opted to get a live one so we are getting it TOMORROW and putting it up. Im so excited!!!

How many of you have live trees?

Any good tips on keeping them fresh longer??

5. What is your favorite Holiday?

I am the president of Christmas’ fan club. It is my favorite holiday and we ROCK it every year. I mean, I go balls to the wall with Christmas. We do Christmas crafts all month long and we leave our tree up until January 6 (Its a German thing). So I have to say Christmas.

Well thats it for 5QF. Ive got little munchkins begging this momma to sit and read. Im so excited for this weekend that I can hardly stand it. Its going to be a lot of Christmas and a lot of friends!

Happy Friday, ya’ll. Enjoy this beautiful season!!

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