From The Mouth Of B

Its been a while since I’ve done a post about the crazy things B says.

And trust me, that boy has the craziest things that pop out of his mouth.

For instance, he has taken to saying “Come at me bro.” and “Cool story bro.” Look, I’m not saying its my fault that he learned this, I fully blame my brother, but I’m also not saying I discourage it.

He gets these big, wild looking eyes as he shouts either saying, and I practically die from laughter. Over and over again.

He also has said other insane things lately like:

“Cam when you have big muscles like me, girls will want to kiss you. Girls LOVE boys with big muscles.”

He actually has got a tiny crush on the next door neighbor gal. She’s a bit younger, but he’s like his father in that way. However, we have a bit of a situation in that little neighbor gal likes little brother C.

My poor 3 year old just goes on blindly loving her while she shuns him every chance she gets.

She’s obviously a heartbreaking home wrecker. Just saying.

“Oh HELL NO!! You did NOT just PISS ON ME!!”

This little gem was said one afternoon while in the bathtub. I was making the boys’ lunch and they were in the tub because all the mud their bodies had caked on.

Apparently C was showering B with the golden shower. I tried really hard to keep a straight face and tell him that’s not the language we use. But I failed. Miserably. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

Then? I scolded T for using language like that in front of the boys. Because I would never do such a thing.

“WOW Mama!! He is such a little miracle!”

C had fallen asleep on the couch one afternoon, a rare occurrence for sure. When B walked in, his eyes got big and he had the most precious grin on his face.

I about fell over from all the love bubbling up inside of me when he said that. I mean, seriously, what three year old says those things?!

“WOW! Look at all those WHORES!”

We were driving down the road, and T and I burst into laughter. It took us about 10 minutes to realize he was trying to say HORSES not WHORES.

BWAHAHAHAHA. Still makes me laugh.

Then T and I made inappropriate jokes the rest of the night like, “You don’t want to put whores in your bed.” and “Leave the whores in the field.”

We are parents of the year, obviously.

What adorable things are your kids saying lately?

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