He Taught Me How To Love

You know that awkward moment when you tell a joke, and no one is laughing?

Me either.

Moving on.

I got a big slap in the face yesterday, while at a local fast food place with the boys. It was rainy and nasty, and in all honesty? I needed to let them run off some energy so they would go to bed and I could watch Gossip Girl.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, my Brother in law works at this fast food place, and we take the boys there often and just let them run wild in the play place.

I buy a dollar drink so I don’t look like a complete mooch.

Yesterday it was packed, must have been because of the rain. Darn parents, thinking the same way I do. I sat down and let the boys have at it. About twenty minutes in, my Brother in Law came over to me and pointed to a little boy and told me to keep my own boys away from him.

Describing this little boy as “weird and has some serious problems.”

Look, I try very hard to encourage my children to play with everyone and not to judge a book by a cover.

However, I had witnessed this little boy slapping the bejeesus out of his Mama, and I really didn’t want him slapping my kids. So I tried to call B over to me when he inevitably made friends with this little guy.

As I watched my four year old trot up to me and say, “What Mama? That kid said he doesn’t have any friends, and I told him I was going to be his friend. He just wants someone to be nice to him. Can I go play with him now?”

Cue the slap in the face.

Once again, my four year old taught me how to love. Love unconditionally.

Because guess what? Someone one day could point to my kid, and say “Don’t play with him. He has problems.” And my kid would miss out on making a new friend.

I love watching B play in a public place. No kid is stranger to him. He includes everyone in his games, and is the sweetest to kids who are shy.

When he sees someone playing alone, he walks right up to them and introduces himself.


Because that boy loves like Christ.

He teaches me to be a better person everyday. I am so very thankful I get to be his Mama, and I get to learn how to treat people all over again.

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