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I have been going nuts fitting out my office but still I want more. You have to understand I have not been able to buy anything domestic for almost two years & it has always been one of my vices. I need a little armchair for sitting in & thinking. Also at some point I will surely go crazy buying christmas lights & vases & pots for plants & candles, because I always do & I cannot help myself. Order MacBook Pro (debating 13″ vs 15″ & think I will go with 15). Order 1oz Ormus Gold & 1oz marine phytoplankton because I am crazy & I like to fill myself up with magical fluids. Glug glug. I want an orchid & over-the-knee boots (leather, not synthetic, I tried some synthetic ones on at Aldo on Tuesday & don’t sit right) & Post-It notes & new towels & new bedding & a Polaroid camera & a disco ball & some aqua aura quartz. A lot of these things are things I have owned several times before but didn’t bring with me. Let this be a lesson to you, NEVER THROW ANYTHING YOU LOVE AWAY OR YOU ARE DOOMED TO RE-BUY IT OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN.

Oh, also I want to cure world hunger… ?!

I am making Christmas present plans & yesterday was Thanksgiving, wow. My first one. The Dish was obsessed with making it perfect (which of course I appreciated) & so over two days he prepared us a feast. Turkey, string bean casserole, roast vegetables, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, red wine, pumpkin pie & whipped cream. Darling, you have no idea. It was obscenely good. It was his first time making a turkey & I think it was the best either of us had ever had. The boy can cook. Tick tick tick. Have I mentioned recently that he rocks my world?

I went shopping a week ago & this woman on the street stopped me because she was casting for a NARS beauty book. She took photos of me & gave me her card & it is legit but the whole thing made me feel really uncomfortable & she was weird. I called the agency because they left me voicemail & apparently they sent my pictures off to NARS, ha! I imagine some people would be over the moon if something like that happened to them but I just felt like I was in the middle of a practical joke.

This probably says more about me than I care to dwell upon.

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