Hope for us yet

Today, the Pathetic Hate Group That I Won’t Even Honor By Referring To By Name held their tiny little protest outside a few sites in my hometown.

They were countered by a group of young people holding signs saying awesome things like “What Would Dumbledore do?” and “God loves everyone — God even loves ignorant people from sad hate groups.”

Here’s a slideshow of some photographs taken by our newspaper.

I still maintain that the best thing would have been to leave the dummies out in the cold for their short 30 minute “protest,” noticed by no one and countered by no one. Because by taking a stand against this ridiculous group, the kids actually brought media to the scene — which is what the Stupid Hatemongers Whose Official Name I Still Refuse To Type wanted in the first place.

However, I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of the high school students who took the time to stand up for acceptance and tolerance (my little sister’s friends Amanda and Andrew are actually in one of the pictures). I’m often worried about the younger generation’s grasp on What Really Matters. I’ve known quite a few teenagers whose worldview expands no further than hair straightening, mall-trolling, and Facebook flirting.

Seeing the young faces in those photos, though, I feel like maybe there’s hope for us yet.

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