I didnt know

Things I didnt know before I became a mom:

I didnt know how much I could handle. And handle WELL.

Before I became a mom, there was NO WAY I would have thought I could sit in a hospital room, clutching a picture of my newborn babe hooked up to all kinds of machines. I never would have thought I could sit next to him, without touching him, and have a smile on my face. But I did, because Im a mom.

I didnt know how much fun it was to play with paint. Like squishing it in your hands, rubbing it on paper (or in SOME little boys cases, your hair), or using a paint brush.

I didnt realize the giggles would be so abundant, and not just from the two year old sitting next to me.

I didnt know what it meant to turn a house into a home. After having B, we lived in an apartment. We made it OURS and we loved it like no other. We now have our house and we love it just as much. Its not just a house though, its our HOME.

Its where C will take his first steps. Its where I lay in bed with my babies every morning, and kiss them goodnight each night.

Its where our kids will get on the big yellow school bus one day and Ill cry as I wave bye to them from my porch. Its where Ill rock with T one day on the front porch and talk about back-when-the-kids-were-kids.

Its where you can find us giggling and loving. Its where things get REAL. We fight, we argue, but we love still. Our home is our family. Its our life. It brings us all together. I guess I never realized a home could do that until I had my babes (and T of course!).

I didnt know what it meant to have a TRUE girlfriend (or two). Now I know that I need those nights out.

It makes me a better mom when I can get out and spend a few minutes remembering that I didnt always have spit up on my clothes. That I can still put make up on and get pretty. That heels are not unpractical shoes.

And..um..apparently men still find me attractive. Ew. No thank you–Im happily married creepy guy at the bar.

I didnt realize how much LOVE my little ole heart could hold.

Because hey ya’ll, my heart can hold a LOT. I have so much ridiculous love for those boys. All three of em.

You could say my love tank is filled to the BRIM. Its overflowing.

I had my fair share of “in love” feelings from about 13 until I met T at 18. I honestly cant even say I loved T as much as I do now, on the day we got married. I mean I loved him a LOT, but I think we have been through SO much as a couple and a family since then.

There is something to be said for a man who can scoop his pitiful, crying wife off the floor and comfort her in about 10 seconds by just LISTENING. In the sake of sounding like a horrible cliche, he just gets me, you know? He knows me completely inside and out.

He knows ALL of my flaws, and he doesnt care. If I get a little snappy when Im hungry, he just ignores it. If I snort when I laugh, he tells me Im cute. He understands my family life is complicated and he loves them just the same. He treats my siblings as if they were his own. I love that.

And dont even get me started on my boys. I was always told I would be a great mom, because I loved kids so much. But I think I take it to a whole new extreme. I devote my life and my love to those boys. I lay in bed thinking every night about how lucky I am.

Not just because Im their mom. But because they are healthy, they are happy, and they know a love like no other. Im lucky these are my kids.

Being a mom is about so much more than just keeping a roof over their head, and food on the table. Its giggles and laughs, its tears and anger, but most of all its just love. Just love those babies.

Not to say every day in our house is a walk in the park with a picnic. Hell no its not. I have way to many days where I am short tempered and angry. I have days when all I want to do is escape to Starbucks and leave the little ones with Daddy. They get on my last nerve sometimes and I just want to scream at the top of my lungs.

But at the end of the day, when Im tucking them into bed–I get that feeling. That someone-gag-me-because-I-want-to-sing-a-happy-song-about-love kinda feeling. And sometimes I do sing a happy song. Sometimes I blog. But most of all? I go to bed and think of how lucky I am.

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