I have no idea what any of this is about.

Right now it’s about 4:47 am, I’m sitting here wide awake eating dorito’s and wondering why in the world I’m awake now yet grogged around all day with zero motivation. Also with no desire to eat dorito’s.

Maybe I’m PMS’ing and getting overly hormonal and thought-provoking or maybe dorito’s mixed with acid reflux and the fact that I really have to pee right now but have no desire to get up give me some wicked inspiration, but I can’t stop feeling this wave of confidence as I take a look at the projects I’m currently working on and thinking “wow, maybe I am going somewhere.”

For awhile now I’ve been all over the phrase “leap before you look.” I want to get it tattooed on my arm really bad (hey Detroit tattooer’s – WILL PROMOTE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOR FREE INK) (ok maybe tattoos are a bad thing to ask for free) (however I’ll do it anyway) but I’m poor.

It’s a good phrase, no? I mean, some people might think leaping before looking is a horrible idea. Like if you’re about to dive into a giant tank to go swimming or snorkeling, you might want to look first to make sure it’s not full of sharks. If it is full of sharks and you insist on diving in anyway, you might want to look and make sure there is an easy escape plan before a shark decides to chew your bicep, calf and face off. In that order.

Also, if you’re going to eat an entire plate of spaghetti and follow it with doritos and then ice cream, you might want to look ahead at the potential consequences before drinking a cup of coffee and maybe add some Pepcid to that little diet you’ve created.

Also, if you’re going to wear a shirt that says “Victoria’s Secret Bombshell,” you might want to consider whether or not you look like a sexy, metaphoric “bombshell” by VS standards, as in a size 00 model, or a “bombshell” as in one that is going to explode out of that shirt. I’m just saying, when you’re wearing a shirt that was originally designed for a model on the “toothbrush down the throat” diet you might want to consider the mockery that will ensue when anyone (aka 90 percent of the US female population) decides to wear it.

Other than that I think it’s pretty beneficial. Thoughts? What am I thinking. It’s Friday. Of course you have no thoughts.

If you don’t want to think about that, answer me this: Is it pretentious and snotty to have a FAQ page? I kind of want one even if it’s just loaded with questions that have been asked one time by people who have already been reading me for the past year and already know the answers.

If you can think of something you want to ask me or think would be beneficial to have on my FAQ page, ask me. I may or may not answer it, I may or may not include it on the page, and I may or may not give you a legitimate answer that doesn’t involve sharks, dinosaurs or John Travolta. No promises.

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