I Love My B

I’ve written before about how amazing my B is.

I’ve told the story of how he saved me. How he brought me to the place I am now. How if I had never gotten pregnant with him, who knows where Id be now.

I am so very lucky to be his Mama.

So when I saw the prompt for Listable Life, 5 Things I Love About My First Born–I knew I wanted to participate.

1. He is incredibly smart.

I know, all parents think their kids are smart. But seriously, my kid is like a genius or something. He can read easy three letter words, at the age of three. He can sound out almost all the letters like a pro. He can count to 20, with no problem. Also? He knows Mama is the boss around these parts.

Not only that, but the kid has some mad Xbox skills. He can work my Kindle Fire without any help. {Which has also gotten him into trouble when he buys apps he isn’t supposed to}. He gets my iPhone, puts the private code in, and can find his own folder of games.

I know a lot of kids are electronic-smart. Its the age they are growing up in. However, I am still so amazed when I see him sitting on the couch next to me, reading his book.

2. He gave my life purpose.

Point blank. Saved me. Made me a Mama. He made us a family, and bonded T and I for life. He held my hand at my wedding–grinning up at me with his sweet dimpled cheeks.

When I’m crying while watching Biggest Loser, he sits in my lap and says, “Mama you cry because you have a nice heart.”

He gets me. He gets that sometimes Mama loses her temper, but when I pull him into me and apologize for losing my cool he says, “Its okay Mama. Sometimes you get mad, but then you always still love me.” Then he kisses my cheek and all is forgotten.

That boy? That boy is going to make an amazing husband one day–I’m telling you. He melts hearts.

3. He is a good big brother.

He welcomed his baby brother into this world with a hug and kiss, and he never looked back. I am always amazed at how well he adjusted from being my only, to being a big bub.

I love how he loves to teach C things. How he waits by the crib every morning, hurrying me to get his brother out. I love that at night, when he is getting ready to curl up under the covers–he gives his brother a hug first.

I hope they stay that way forever.

4. He is stubborn.

While this can prove to be difficult at times, I love this about my B. He knows what he wants, and he goes after it. Whether its the shirt hes going to be wearing that day, or the food hes going to eat at lunch. He wants to make his own decisions.

I tend to allow him to most of the time. Giving him two choices, and allowing him to choose one. I keep most of the control, but allow him to feel like his choices are important as well.

Sneaky, Mama!

5. The things that come out of his mouth make me laugh.

Just a few of his latest remarks.

As he is standing in front of the mirror, “Oh my! I am good looking!”

“Thank you God for my Mama and Daddy. Thank you for Cam-man and my teddy bears. Oh yeah…and thank you for making me look so good!”

To our neighbor’s two year old daughter “Hey girl. I want to kiss you on your mouth!”

As I was telling the boys it was time for lunch, “Mama guess what? Cool story bro!”

And finally, tonight as I was asking T to change C’s diaper while I was getting dinner together, B looks up from his game and said, “Nah, you can handle that Mama. Daddy and I are busy being men.”

What do you love about your first born?

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