I sure hope I’m still in town when the sun melts

So Jerrod came to visit last weekend and we took almost 500 pictures between the two of us. What does that mean? Less typing for me, more pictures for you!

First, I took him up the street to Manhattan Beach where we decided to get artsy and take pictures under the pier.

Kinda looks like a 12-legged male horse.

Then we headed to Griffith Observatory because Jerrod was going to chant “James Dean James Dean James Dean” until we made it there. Also, this is where the title for this post came from because a girl walking in front of me said “it’s like, so hot the sun is melting.” Her IQ is 4.

We discovered the next Asian rap group filming their music video in front of the Hollywood sign.

Afterwards we took a stroll down Rodeo Drive and he took pictures of tourists taking pictures of each other. It was like we were paparazzi but creepier because these people were nobodies just like us. Wait, no – we’re BLOGGERS. We are a big deal!

In the words of Janice Ian, “suck onnnnnnn that!” Oh, and we saw this Bugatti and immediately peed our pants, vomited all over the sidewalk then stabbed ourselves in the heart because we realized we are complete failures who will never amount to anything even close to this. Unfortunately Prada wouldn’t let us in to clean up the mess we made. It’s a damn shame that there’s no Target on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica Blvd. A DAMN SHAME.

Sunday we wanted to end the weekend in true California style so we put the top down, slathered our embarrassingly white skin in SPF50+ and cruised down Pacific Coast Highway. First stop was Huntington Beach where this kid frollicked down the beach flashing jazz hands, probably listening to Lady Gaga. No, Ke$ha. Totally Ke$ha.

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