I Take Fortune Cookies Seriously. It Could Be Worse – I Could Take My Horoscope Seriously

This is a fortune. (Shut the front door. Really?)I know that nobody listens to fortune cookies except for me, but I keep fortunes in my wallet because sometimes I get them and they’re so… ON. Like the first time I got one I had just started tossing around the idea of freelancing full-time. It was on my birthday and it said “sit back and let the world pass you by… and it will.” So I was like awwww yeah fortune man, you know. So I kept it in my wallet and saw it every time I opened it up, knowing if I did do what that fortune cookie intended, I’d have a hell of a lot less money in that wallet… but be a hell of a lot happier. And then someone stole my wallet.

I didn’t put another one in there until this past July. Steve and I were at dinner and my fortune said “Love Conquers All.” He was like “why don’t you stick this in your wallet so you can always think of me,” so I did and then… yea. So I had to find a new fortune. I got this one a few days after him and I broke up and I lost my job, so I was like awwww yeah fortune man, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

It turns out this fortune is unfathomably true right now (I told you I have a thing with getting the good fortune cookies) because as much as I am looking for a new job since I am dying to move and get myself together, I am also discovering new ventures on the freelancing front. I am reading “The Well Fed Writer” by Peter Bowerman and it is changing my whole perspective on what I spent the last year doing. Not even kidding. If you’re a writer or considering getting into it, read this book.

I’ve also talked to a few editors at local publications and schmancy new websites, and it looks like projects may be in the works in the near future. We’ll see where the next few months take me and hopefully this fortune cookie knows what it’s talking about. Otherwise – looks like I’ll be ordering lots of Chinese take-out until something makes sense.

Now that I read what happened to the first two fortunes, I am deeply reconsidering my decision to keep this in my wallet. Whatever. It’s time to turn the beat around. Also, I really wish fortune cookie companies would at least try to keep some authenticity in these by cutting out the blue printer corners. COME ON, we all know Buddha and Gandhi don’t have a LaserJet.

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