I want loads of clothes & fuckloads of diamonds~

Hello! I have not written for a long, long time.

I am blonde now.

I am drinking a magical potion I made (one whole lemon, two tablespoons of manuka honey, a massive quantity of grated ginger, a generous pour of brandy, & some boiling water) while surveying the bedroom & thinking about packing the rest of my stuff. I have done most of it. It’s always the last part of a task that I drag my heels on — even though I love love love ticking things off my list. This is just how I am.

Tomorrow I fly back to America. I leave New Zealand at 7pm Sunday, & arrive in New York at 10pm on the same day. (I love that.) It is one hour to Auckland, a two hour wait, twelve hours to L.A., a two hour wait, & then six hours to NY. Let’s not think about that too hard. My plan is to sleep all the way to L.A. (my flight goes through the evening so this always works quite well) & then I will work on the plane until I get home. I have lots of email to get through & a bunch of writing to do, of course, as always, you know how it goes. I am synchronising my Google docs so I can be uber-productive on the plane. Quelle geek.

I am so excited & pleased I can hardly even express myself.

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