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I’m annoyed this week. I’m pissy. Things, people, rain…it’s all pissing me off.

Rain. How many days of rain do I need to endure? It’s as if the sky is punishing me for tanning using baby oil when I was a teenager. I GET IT. I use sunscreen now. Bring out the sun. I’m tired of being wet and cold and wet and cold.

Parents who haven’t called, emailed, written, sent carrier pigeons, or come in for conferences who are now asking for extra credit or are wanting to email every day because they are interested in their kid’s education. Really? We have a month left of school. In this month, we have three days of state testing, a visit to the middle school, field day, a visit from the library, DARE graduation, the end of the year awards assembly, 5th grade party, and various other things I’m probably forgetting. AND I don’t believe in giving extra credit very often. If your kid does the work and turns it in, your kid wouldn’t need extra credit.
Parents who get in a snippy when teachers point out things that are in the handbook. It’s not my fault that your kid’s shorts are too short. The handbook says “mid thigh.” You signed it at the beginning of the year saying you read it. Did you?

The public who doesn’t understand that “merit pay” means that everyone in the district is paid this way then. That means teachers, custodians, librarians, secretaries, bus drivers, lunch servers….. At least many of the laws being passed include this. And if they are tied to Federal Funds, this is what that means. How are lunch servers going to get merit pay?

The public who is more upset that teachers and public workers have unions than they are about the fact that their tax dollars are being used to investigate steroid use in baseball. REALLY?
Obama was born in Hawaii. Get over it Tea Party, People. You are annoying me.
I have a migraine. UGH! They’ve gotten better but now that I have one, I’m annoyed.
So this is me just griping. There are probably cheerier blogs out there today. Find one and report back.

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