i’m un-leaving-you-hanging

i wanted to update everyone because my last post happened then i kinda disappeared. here are some lovely bullet points for you to read…

  • so, after several phone calls, emails and a couple of yelling phone calls, nothing happened officially. i am livid. i have kept in constant contact with my niece, however, so i hope i can keep that avenue of communication open. she seems like she’s doing ok and i will keep suggesting therapy but i guess that’s all i can do for now. we’re also going on a trip with them this summer, so maybe i can have a face-to-face chat that will finally be able to put my mind at ease.
  • i’m having work turmoil, so i’m kinda, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and when i say “kinda” i really mean super because the whole thing is making me want to set work in general on fire.
  • i cleaned the dogs’ teeth, so they don’t smell! wheeeee!
  • i finally got a new computer after two months and I’M USING IT TO MAKE THESE WORDS YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW! i’m also blundering around on this thing called a mac that i have no idea how to use yet.
  • my evil grandmama, is in the hospital. i must stop calling her evil in case something bad happens because then i’d feel guilty.
  • my brother went on vacation to a foreign country and didn’t tell me. i’m still kinda sore about it.
  • i’m still addicted to instagram but now i’m having doubts that people really want to see millions of pictures of clouds.
  • chuck has returned his wedding ring FOUR times for different widths and different sizes and EACH TIME!!! i’ve had to send it registered mail. AND EACH TIME!!!! something has been wrong according to the various postal workers.
  • i spent the entire day changing my name to chuck’s last name. it was sort of exciting but mostly i want to kill all bureaucrats. why do they have to be so rude and have hairy moles on their lips? (it was right on her bottom lip and it wiggled when she talked and she had cut the hair that was growing out of it because it was short and not wispy)

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