It tore through our homes, our businesses, our lives. It destroyed our belongings, our loved ones, and our most prized possesions.

It is of course the flood. It destroyed the city I love so much. I watched in terror as people were floating out of their homes.

I prayed and thanked the Lord that we were safe. I prayed for all the families who lost everything. I had friends who lost everything, and I prayed hard. Harder than I ever had. I begged and pleaded with the Lord to just make me wake up and realize this was a dream.

It had to. Things like this dont happen to your own home town. And not in Tennessee. We dont have flooding–even though we live in a valley. It doesnt happen here. Not to my own people.

But it did.

My husband works at Opryland. Well–near Opryland. He was off work on that terrible weekend. He had no idea what was going on. When we went back on Monday, I remember the phone call I got.

“Its terrible, Jessica. Its all tore up and no one can get back into their homes. We were blessed!”

We. Were. Blessed. -Amen!

Everything around him was torn and destroyed. Luckily, his business sits atop a hill. It was unharmed. I could breathe. We didnt lose our income, but so many others did. So many others were without.

I was so devastated to hear the hotel got a lot of the worse of it. THE Opryland Hotel and the mall. I was one of those people that LOVED Opry Mills Mall. I live right outside of Nashville, in a little suburb. We had excellent draining in our community, so we didnt have a lot of damage. But everywhere else did. All around us, destruction.

Well this week has been a week of healing for Nashville. If you are familiar with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a preschool got a second chance last Sunday. A preschool I watched floating away on the news. And Monday, my beloved hotel opened back up.

I have gone to this hotel every year to see the lights and the HUGE tree, to see Santa, to drink warm apple cider fron a mug on Delta Island. It was the first thought I had when I heard the hotel was damaged. Im so thankful its re-opened. Tonight is the “official” opening, with them lighting the lights and having a ceremony at “A Country Christmas.” We went on Tuesday night, as we knew we wouldnt be able to tonight.

I am so in love with this city. And the floods definitely brought us together as a community. I think its so important to have a sense of community–even in a city like Nashville.

After all:


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