Just Another Maniac Monday

Another day, another dollar. (dollaaaah–thats how my brother would say it. Hes 16, give him a break!)

Ok–not really. Im a stay at home mom, and there is no monetary gain for that. Just lots of hugs and kisses, and thats alright by me!

But it is pay day today. For the hubs, so its payday for me too. Which means? GROCERY SHOPPING!!

Ill take any kind of shopping I can get. Even if its just some good ole Publix. Because thats where its at this week. Hello SAVINGS!

Welcome to another edition of Miscellany Monday. Which basically means–Im going to ramble. Here we go, my sweet readers.

1. This weekend was so much fun it should have been illegal. I mean really, this whole last week was fun. T was off of work on vacation, and we spent the entire week just bonding as a family. Braxton loves when his daddy is home and this week was no exception. He spent the majority of the time in Daddy’s lap–watching Toy Story. Or outside throwing the football and riding his McQueen four wheeler. It was pure bliss, my friends. Cambo also fell completely, utterly, and sweetly in love with his Daddy’s arms. He would cry and cry until T came and picked him up. Five minutes later–he was OUT! Sweet babe!

2. We found our new favorite family hangout last week. Im just now getting around to sharing the pictures with you. I know–Im way behind, but its been such a good week of loving my men, I figured you could wait a few days. Besides, you didnt even know we went–so no harm done. Right? Right! Anyways–we discovered a few towns over from us we have a Childrens Discovery Museum, and we are in love. So much in love that we are definitely going to be getting membership passes there. I think T had just as much fun as Braxton. And Baby C slept in the stroller the WHOLE time.

Holy man alive–that was a TON of pictures. Sorry for that. I really should have done a seperate post but Im far to lazy for all that jazz.

3. My little angel babe is two months today. Did you hear that correctly?? TWO MONTHS! Where in the world does the time go? Ill be posting his two month post sometime this week. Hopefully tomorrow–but maybe not until Thursday. Lets just see where the week takes us, why dont we?

4. Braxton has become a full on crazy little tackler. Ill be sitting quietly holding Camden and Ill hear it. First its a little giggle from his room. Then Ill look at C and say–“here he comes” Then I hear the running. And all of a sudden out of nowhere–I feel it. The undeniable pounce of a little 30 lb monster. And he giggles and cackles like a crazed maniac. All the while I have to pretend like Im actually hurt, and he says “I kiss it momma? I better momma?” Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this silly act. I typically have time to place C in his swing safe and out of harms way.

5. I am so ridiculously excited to EAT!! I cant wait for Thanksgiving. But most importantly–I cant wait for Black Friday. Shopping and breakfast with my momma sounds about right to me. Its tradition we do every year and I look forward to it all of November. Its nice to get out without the babies and spend some gal time with my Mom. Shes my best friend (after that sister of mine) and I love gossiping with her. We are southern after all, gossiping is what we do best!

What are some things you are looking forward to this week? And do you venture out with the crazies on Black Friday? I can call em crazies–Im one of them! 🙂

Happy Monday, ya’ll!!

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