Learn how to unlock your phone network

Have you ever tried to use a subscription phone with another card? If something didn’t seem to be working, it’s because the phone needs decoding to work on more than one network.

Usually, when you buy a phone on a subscription, the telephone service from where you bought it will only allow you to use it with a card from them.

So if you bought a subscription phone from AT&T, you can only use it with an AT&T card.

On the one hand, it makes sense – you buy it cheaper so the mobile phone service has to make money somehow.

On the other hand, it is frustrating, especially if the contract period has ended and you want to use the phone with a different SIM card. So today we are talking about decoding, the procedure by which you can solve this problem.

How to unlock any phone network

The decoding process involves modifying the phone, often only through software, so that it is no longer restricted to a single mobile operator.

It is a very important process if you want to change your mobile operator. It is a particularly important process if you want, for example, to leave the country and you will have to subscribe to another mobile operator.

That being said, we present the best method to unlock a phone for free

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