Letter to myself: new semester pep-talk

Dear Becky,

Tomorrow you have your first class of your senior year. Not to put any more pressure on you than your parents and professors and The Universe In General is putting on you, but you need to stick your nose to the fucking grindstone (which is a dumb saying and kind of a disturbing image, to be quite honest). Take a tip from your highly motivated and successful mother and use common sense, for god’s sake.

Please don’t skip class anymore. Please don’t neglect to turn in major assignments. Please. It’s not only a completely reckless decision which would jeopardize your chances of graduating in time, but it also shows your professors, whom I know you idolize and look to for validation, that you’re not the secure, outstanding student they all think you are. How many times have your professors given you a second chance based entirely on your reputation? Don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down, as lame as that sounds. You have shown yourself that you have the potential to be one of the brightest students in your department. Believe in yourself.

Don’t let your friendships die, the longstanding and blossoming ones, now that Matt’s back. He’s amazing, and it feels nice to retreat to the comfortable companionship you have with him, but you know he doesn’t fill the space in your heart dedicated to your best friends. Make an effort to meet new people and keep in touch with everyone you care about. Be aware of how your actions affect other peoples’ perceptions of you, and if you make a mistake in judgment, attempt damage control immediately. You know when you’re in the wrong–don’t be afraid to apologize.

Get to Career Services as soon as possible. You’ve been swearing up and down to do this for the past month, so don’t put it off. Go as soon as the office opens. And don’t skip your appointment to go to fucking IHOP. Those strawberry cheesecake pancakes are awesome, but you know what else is awesome? Procuring employment in your future place of residence.

Also, that future place of residence? Where is it? You’re optioning Denver and Seattle, I know, but you’ve got to make a decision one way or another. And–I know you don’t want to hear it–you have to tell your parents sooner or later. So tell them sooner. After the initial shock and backlash, they’ll probably be able to help you accomplish The Big Move more smoothly than if you’d waited.

One more thing: this job you’ve got? The one where you get paid $11 an hour to essentially grade homework and record it in a little book? Don’t blow it. You almost completely killed your relationship with your boss last week, and she gave you a second chance–show her she made the right choice. A good recommendation has been hard to come by in your career history, so you need this one–and I know you want it, too. Erin, Erica, Ashley, and everyone else who works at the center are really cool people, you don’t want to alienate yourself from them!

Be positive. Be humble. Have faith in yourself. Take it one day at a time. And above all, enjoy the place you are in life right now. You’ll never be here again.

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