Life with a toddler and newborn

So Ive had a lot of people ask me how Braxton is adjusting to life with the new baby. Let me start off by saying this, when my sister came I was 27 months old. Braxton was 25 months. I hated Michelle (love her now) with every fiber in my being. I was fully and completely prepared for that reaction out of Braxton. He was my whole world, my pride and joy, and the sole receiver of my attention throughout his little two year life span. So I was prepared for the temper tantrums, the regression, and anything else that little shit storm was bringing my way.

What was I not prepared for? The undeniable, beautiful, and totally consuming love that big brother has for his little brother. Are there times when he wants to “send Cam home”? Yes. Are there times he throws an extra fit when Im holding the baby just to get some attention? Yes. But these are far and few between. I was terrified to introduce the boys. But when Braxton walked in and saw his brother, he climbed in a chair got really close, and said “Hi Brudder, I love you forever and ever!” Sweet Jesus, that boy knows how to melt his momma’s heart! He is constantly wanting to give him hugs and kisses, which mainly turns into squishing and smooshing him. He also wants to hold Cam’s hand every time we are in the car. And the sound of Braxtons voice, puts his little brother right into a trance. AH-DORABLE I tell you.

I love having two boys. My biggest wish for them is that one day they are going to be best friends. They will spend holidays with each other and their wives will be just as close. I want their kids to grow up together, and be best friends too. I want what I didnt have. I want their kids to experience a big, beautiful, loving family. All of my close relatives live in Germany so I didnt grow up going to their house on holidays. I see my grandparents every couple of years. My cousins less than that. And I miss being able to go “home”. Since home is a 13 hour plane ride. I want more for my boys.

Because at the end of the day, the only thing you can count on is your family. They’ve always got your back!

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