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Friday night I attended a show at GoComedy! in Ferndale, a school and performance improv comedy theater on 9 mile in Ferndale. It was a Yelp! Michigan event a friend invited me to, so of course it was badass (Yelp is another great community organization to get involved in if you’re looking for excellent community connections).

I have never before seen a live performance of improv comedy, but I was a big fan of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” back in the day, so I knew it would be entertaining. Not only were these performers funny, witty, slick and obnoxious, the whole time I was sitting there wondering “how in the hell do they do that off the top of their head? Why can’t I do that? These people are way cooler than me. Jerks.”

The performance we saw was a “rock opera,” so about 90% of the performance was in the form of a song. The show didn’t get incredibly raunchy or inappropriate, but it ended up being themed around twinkie pizza, twizzlers and weight watchers so there wasn’t much perv to get into that. Now that I typed all that out, I’m sure there is actually.

However, I can imagine other nights may not be so clean. The fact that these performers can get up there, ask for a few cue’s from the audience and create an entire opera blows my mind. A girl in the audience threw out the best advice she’d ever received as “don’t put twinkies on your pizza,” and it driveled into an entire song about a hefty girl taking a liking to a pizza shop owner who turns out to be gay. Had I been up there, it would have turned into “I put twinkies on my pizza and now I’m sick LOLOL!” Bad news.

They even managed to bring light to Detroit’s reference in the Journey song, and the fact that every time any Detroiter, no matter where they are, will stand up, scream and sing the “Born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT” part of the song because we’re from… near there…. you know. Where is south Detroit anyway? Windsor? Downriver? I’m sure someone is going to come on here and tell me the exact latitude and longitude of where specifically south Detroit is, so I await the response. We’ll just say it’s where the mile roads begin.

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