Lunch In The Guardian.

On Friday I met up with Rebecca for the very first time to have lunch and talk about how awesome we are. She is a health and fitness blogger and is so nice and adorable I could probably squeeze her face off, except she does crazy and unthinkable things like run marathons so she would probably flee before I had the chance. Speaking of meeting new awesome bloggers, if you live in or near southeast Michigan you should totally come to our Michigan blogger meetup on February 11th. See what I did there? Absolutely nothing.

We had lunch at the Rowland Cafe, a small eatery in the Guardian building in downtown Detroit. I’ve always wanted to go in this building, so I was super happy she agreed to meet here since downtown is sort of the middle ground between our houses.

After driving around Campus Martius for 15 minutes looking for a decent parking space (it is SO time for the auto show to be over), I was absolutely thrilled we went here because holy CRAP, everything you hear about how gorgeous this building is happens to be so true. It was like eating lunch in a church, minus the whole thing with boring songs and chants and, you know, praying.

I took a few pictures, and since I am by no means a photographer they really do this building no justice. However, they do help my case that Michigan is more than just the “murder mitten” so many bloggers seem to think of whenever they hear the word Detroit. OHMYGOD, SO SCARY YOU WILL DIE. Shut up. Enjoy the pretty, even though they barely capture the essence because this building is so. Damn. BEAUTIFUL. Yum.

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