Memoir Monday: My lighter days.

No, not those lighter days, sicko. This is not TMI Thursday and I am not sponsoring Playtex.

It’s Memoir Monday once again thanks to my boy Travis, and if you remember last week, I’m being forced to play along, otherwise he claims he’s going to take my mother out to dinner and never speak to her again. Story of my life.

Anyplayer, according to Travis today is “picture” Memoir Monday. So all it really has to be is a picture. Except I can’t just post a picture without some sort of explanation because, well, I just can’t… so I’ll start off with the pic and follow with an explanation. Why did I even say that? That is self explanatory. Obviously I’m going to do that. OK here you go.

Now, for the reasons I am posting this picture:

I got a new laptop for Christmas and this is really the only somewhat old picture on it. Also, I’m really vain and want to show everyone how skinny I was back in the day. Don’t even tell me you’ve never done it. Everyone likes to post pics of their better days. Not that this was one of my better days because one of my fondest memories was my mother forcing me to eat a 6 inch grinder sandwich followed by an ice cream sundae despite the fact that I had just ate 4 slices of pizza yet she didn’t believe me because she didn’t witness it, so there was a lot of heartburn involved, too.

Also, it wasn’t my high metabolism and I didn’t always eat that way, it was the ballet. I did a lot of it. Probably too much. I’d post a pic of me in a tutu but you’re not ready for that. Also, being 90 pounds was not that cool because every time I bumped into something I got a massive bruise that would last for weeks. That mixed with this ridiculous haircut was not a good look for me.

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