I write this post with a heavy heart.

The events of Friday morning have been weighing heavily on my mind and on my heart. I have had the victims and their families of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in my prayers and my thoughts. I am mourning right along with the rest of the nation, and all those Mama’s.

I’ve had a busy weekend, and tried to distract myself with all of the things I had to get done. Honestly? I cant shake it. I spent all day Friday and early Saturday morning watching as much news coverage as I could.

I finally had to turn it off.

Watching these news reporters go after these little kids, and make them relive the horrors on TV disgusts me. As if they haven’t been through enough already.

I went to do a little bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday night, and stood in the aisle of Wal-Mart and cried. It hit me that these parents who were doing the same just last weekend, are now dealing with a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

So this weekend when I wasn’t busy running errands and trying to live my life as normal as possibly, I was squeezing the boys. I was hugging them, staring at them and thanking God I still had them. I cried ugly tears and told T it was our job, no matter what, to protect these little lives to the best of our abilities.

And when we cant be there, when we cant protect them, it is our job to make sure they know how insanely and purely they are loved. How much we adore them. You just never know when that hug could be the last.

Tomorrow I’m joining my fellow bloggers for a day of silence, in honor of Newtown Connecticut and all the lives lost on Friday. If you are a blogger I hope you will join all of us.

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