Movin’ on up.

I finally up and moved my ass 30 miles south to Detroit a few weeks ago and totally forgot to write about it. There’s not much to say other than it’s amazing. My studio has an entire wall of windows (a photographer’s dreamspace), is 1/2 mile from the heart of downtown, just up the Dequindre Cut from Eastern Market, and in the midst of an incredible amount of park space, perfect for hula hoopin’ jam sessions when it’s nice out.

Oh, and I have no couch which means hula hoopin’ jam sessions can happen every night of the year. Unless someone convinces me to improve the seating situation in my abode (not gonna happen, I’m spending money on leopard print curtains instead).

I would share pictures but I’ve already given out more than enough details (try and find me). Instead, I will share this picture of a piano I took at Heidelberg last weekend with my sister.

I mean, seriously.

This city is so badass.

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