My Own Quiet in a House Full of Loud.

I LOVE staying at home with my boys all day long. I mean seriously, who wants some corporate job when I can do this, right?

That being said, sometimes when T is home–I need a little bit of ME time. I need just a couple minutes to relax and have some peace and quiet. So where do I go?

My safe haven.

I know it sounds SO cheesy–but I love love love my bed. Seriously, it is the ultimate place to relax. I have everything I need. Pillows, blankets, computer, books, and even my TV. So when T allows me to sleep in every now and then, I still wake up. However, I wake up and get to LAY. IN. BED.

All you momma’s out there know that when you wake up, you immediately have to GET UP. I used to love laying in my bed all day long just doing nothing. Now if Im laying in my bed, I typically have a squishy little baby tucked in next to me and a two year jumping off the bed into a pile of pillows he made on the floor. (We are all about teaching life skills here, people!)

So when I want to relax? I grab a cup of Warm Apple Cider, my laptop, and lay in bed and read some of my favorite blogs.

Speaking of favorite blogs, I am linking this post up to Home Tour Tuesdays over at Webbisodes. Heres hoping to all of us finding some relaxation this Holiday Season!

Shannon is also hosting an ornament exchange. I have already sent in my email and personally cant WAIT to send off an ornament! Why not stop by her exchange and join in on the fun? Everyone can use a new ornament or two, right? Right.

Now, go on over and link up with me. Id love to see your little slice of heaven in your own home. Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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