Oh my god.

My editor said, “Bring cute outfits!” I basically need 3 days of cuteness. I am sure I can do that. I have been in clothing crisis mode for a couple of weeks, mostly because my closet was stuffed to overflowing & I couldn’t find anything. Today I spring cleaned the whole she-bang, donated bags (like… 3 or 4) of clothing to the church next door & filled a suitcase with stuff to go into storage. As I did this I discovered my wardrobe is approximately 30% faux fur & about 40% sequins. It’s a wonder I don’t more closely resemble a drag queen. SO ANYWAY, I cleaned out my closet, like Eminem, & now all my dresses are in colour order (white, yellow, pink, blue, purple, black — I am deadly serious) & my life makes sense once more.

After I did my spring cleaning, I sat on my couch in the sun & started re-reading Lolita. It really is the best book ever written. The annotated version makes me feel like my skull is going to split open from sheer pleasure. If you haven’t read it, you cannot possibly fathom how much brilliance you are missing out on.

I really love sitting in my office. The Dish & I rescued this enormous leather couch from the street which spans an entire wall, is against a window & has my bookshelf at one end. There is a peppermint-striped orchid on the windowsill behind my head & it has a view of the fire escape & the sky. It is perfect for reading on (as above). Having it in my office makes a huge difference, the space feels much more functional now. I have been curling up on it with my laptop & writing, or flicking through magazines & tearing out pages, or just sitting there drinking coffee cuddling with the dog. Being cozy & comfortable is very important to me.

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