Ornament Exchange and Some Ramblings

I did something ca-ra-zyyy, ya’ll.

I participated in an ornament exchange with my blog designer Shannon. You should definitely check out her design page. She did such a fab job on mine!

I am the one who doesnt really participate in give aways or anything like that because Im uber creeped out about giving my location or something away on the internet. I rarely even shop online unless its through pay pal.

I have irrational fears. Like I had fears when I was preggers with C that he was going to cut a hole in my uterus with his little baby fingernails/toenails.

This fear was so prominent that I begged and begged my doc for an ultrasound to confirm that he was in fact NOT all talon-fingered. He didnt oblige. But I had nightmares for months.

My fear now is someone on the internet is going to find out where we live and come knockin’ on my door only to kill us. Like one of those gruesome murders you see on Dateline or 20/20.

I um…kinda…watch to much tv.

Im getting way off track.

Anyways, I participated in this ornament exchange and low and behold my ornament came in the mail the other day.

I was super excited to find out I was paired up with Jackie over at Mommy in the Baking. Her blog is so cute and Ive already made a BUNCH of her recipes. Check her out, for sure!

I love making new bloggy friends!

Its super super cute and PERFECT for our tree. I dont think I could have gotten a sweeter little ornament or a sweeter Christmas card (Thanks SO much Jackie!!).

Super cute right?!

Not to gloat, but I did send a pretty a sweet ornament her way as well. I havnt heard if she liked it or not, but Im hoping she found it pretty special!

I love love love giving. I think its ALWAYS been my favorite part of Christmas. There really is no moment like the one when you realize you gave the perfect gift to someone. I aim for the tears.

A little secret?! Im pretty good at tears, at least for my Mommas. Ive got the most perfect Christmas gifts for both our Moms this year. They are going to just die! Ill be sure to share on here after the holidays, but Im not taking my chances. They both read the blog (Hi Mom! Hi Wanda!!).

So anyways, I suppose that’s it for this post. Can you believe its Thursday already?! And just 9 days until Christmas?? I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

Merry Christmas ya’ll. And a Happy Thursday!!

If you leave a comment, be sure to make sure you have your email set up on your account so I can send you a reply or check back with me on this post. I really do love and appreciate each and every thing you sweet readers say. It makes my day! If I dont get back with you right away, its a crazy time in the house. These two little rugrats keep my busy all day long!!

If your visiting from the Ornament Exchange linky, leave me a comment and let me know. Id love love to check out your blog. Im always looking for new blogs to read!!

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