Painting: Not for the Faint at Heart

Funny story:

Yesterday Im talking on the phone to my sister who lives in NYC. The one who I swear my child got his brains from. We will see how well THAT is going to play out.

Anyways, so Im on the phone with her and I say

“Hey Chelle, hold on, Braxton is being too quiet!”

And she says “Uh, oh!”

Because she KNOWS! So I go walk in his room to find him coloring his walls a nice shade of red with his friend Erik, all while dancing on his table.

Did I mention its a red food color pen?


Oh, well its red food color pen. I didnt even know we had those. I didnt even know those things were made. HOW DID THIS END UP IN MY HOUSE?!?!

Anyways, tried to take it off walls.


So whats my bright idea? Call my mom HYSTERICALLY crying, telling her I cant be my own child’s mom, and I need out. What wise words of wisdom does my mom bestow upon her eldest daughter?

“Looks like its time to paint the walls.”

Shear GENIUS that momma of mine. So yesterday on our impromptu trip to Walmart, we also stopped and got some paint. Blue paint. To cover the red right? WRONG. Blue paint on top of red food color pen marks makes purple pen marks. UGH! So now Braxtons room is a nice shade of blue with purple thrown in there every now and then. However, its better than the white walls with red pen marks.

And can I just throw in that this was my FIRST time painting by myself and his room is coming along QUITE nicely if I do say so myself. I say coming along because I ran out of paint, and Im waiting on Trey to get home from work to go get some more. Im making Trey do the tops of the walls and the corners. Because quite frankly, Im horrible at them. So bad that when my husband got home last night at 11:30 from work (another time, another post) he asked why I put so much paint there? So I informed him in my sweet, kind, all loving voice he could do it his damn self. So he is.

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