Progress Report: Fitness, Laziness, and Things I’m Good At Doing

This is a workout Josh made up when it started thunderstorming and we wanted to get a workout in without going to the gym. It was my idea to come up with something we could easily do at home, and I was like “ok so let’s do like 100 jumping jacks and maybe some squats and maybe some bicep curls and then make a pizza,” then I looked over and saw this and was like “fuuuuuuuuu……. okay fine.” Divide it all up by 4 or 5 and you’ll get a hell of a sweaty workout in like 20 minutes.

(I don’t do the pull-ups).

Oh, and yes you definitely want an ab wheel. It’s a really good core and balancing workout and you can get one for super cheap.

OK, running. Kind of embarrassed to talk about this situaysh because the last run I went on felt like I was encased in concrete oh and I decided not to do a half marathon this year even though I wrote about it on my blog OOPS. I remembered that and was like FUCK! WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS. I HATE ACCOUNTABILITY. I decided against doing it partly because I don’t want to spend the summer training and partly because I don’t have enough room in my budget right now.

Also, the whole “encased in concrete” thing I mentioned above. Cardio has been a major struggle lately and I think it’s time to prioritize the leafy greens and cut down on the carbs to help shave off some of this extra baggage. Seriously. I think my butt and thighs are literally made of cement. Booty bricks.

Anybutt. I tend to get really down on myself when I feel the struggle of something I know I should be doing better at by now, but then I think of the things I’m good at and it sort of helps. Like 2-minute planks and wearing dresses. Probably even at the same time. I’m also quite good at squats, jumping jacks, hula hooping, painting my nails, finding really good restaurants in California, singing Eminem in the car, falling asleep while trying to find something to watch on Netflix, falling asleep while watching Mad Men, and making (and eating) grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sometimes you just have to remember your strengths.

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