Reasons It’s Not Almost Thanksgiving

I *just* removed the skulls from my mantle display, I need a little more November before we settle into Thanksgiving.

I haven’t been to WholeFoods to get the gluten free pie crusts. They’re gonna be gone by the time I get there and I’m gonna cry. I haven’t come up with a good recipe for pie crusts since two Thanksgivings ago when they were all out of pie crusts, but don’t worry, I stocked up and oops I just used my last, year-old pie crust last weekend. I was test driving a pumpkin pie recipe.

My brother(‘s wife) hasn’t had the baby yet. This is more because I want to see the baby and squeeze it ASAP as possible.

We just had *the first* really cold day of fall. I need to just relax and enjoy the cold, please.

I HAVEN’T MADE A LIST OF THINGS I’M GOING TO COOK FOR THANKSGIVING! I need a list. I love a list. I need a doodle-filled list of yumtasticness.

Halloween candy still exists in my life.

I haven’t bought a turkey and I don’t want to go to the store and get one. There’s *people* there at this time of year.

Our chest freezer keeps tripping on and off.

I don’t wanna mess up my clean kitchen.

It doesn’t *feel* like November.

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