So Then I Got a Puppy

He has been super fun over the past month. We went to Montana together, I couldn’t take Pants cos Chuck wasn’t coming with me and the puppy had to come because of obvious reasons, and we had a lot of fun times. He’s a snuggly sleeper. He’s been to the top of Big Mountain in Whitefish and all the shops around our house. He was a champion, super genius traveler.

When we got home, he and Pants immediately started playing and really haven’t stopped since. I really love it. I wish we could all go swimming but the pool has been too cold with all the rain (!!!) we’ve gotten recently.

You guys know how weird I am about names for both Google’s sake as well as dog safety. We decided on his secrety-secret real name but I need to figure out an internet name. It’s also been suggested to use Gumball for his internet name.

Names we went through:
Bean (Ender’s Shadow)
Tyrion (motherfucking Lannister)

In other news, I had a weird, anonymous comment on my post about all the wisdoms I have and I am so warmly fuzzy about the replies from mah friends who commented back at her. I try to be as nice as I can about, well, everything so I hate that there was borderline nastiness encroaching from a meanie. I love yous guys.

In conclusion, my life has been a leeeeetle hectic lately. I quit my awful job of four years after my boss wanted me to work extra time for no extra monies and a lot of other things building up as well. I’m really, very proud of myself for finally lady nutting-up and quitting. It had turned into a daily cause of nausea and shitty feelings. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I took a leap of faith in myself and it only took a week to find another job. I start my new job on Monday. I have high hopes of it being totally awesome. I’d love to get that passion and support back in my life. The passion never left but it was buried under a shitton of negativity. All of my ideas were shot down and the subsequent bitching about everything wrong was a cyclical hell. I panic just thinking about it.

I’m heading into the new job with excitement and positivity. I hope that I’ll be able to get that back. I totally KILLED my working interview (toot-toot), so I think they’re excited as well. Watch out, new job, I’mma smash some shit all up.

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