spin, spin sugar

It is super dark moon time & everyone is sleepy. Quiet houses. Listening to music that is more crackles than melodies. Black fingerless gloves & cherry red fingernails. Heavy eyelids. Next week will be like a firecracker but until then things are grey, slow, shhhhh.

Since we last spoke…

I went to look at this apartment yesterday. The real estate agent knew who I was & we talked about Grace Coddington & BryanBoy. The place is great but weird. That space behind the bookshelf is too low to stand up in. So it would be good for slumber parties or worms but that is probably about it. It’s a big room, maybe it could just be a cave for after-parties &/or midgets. (Though I would probably change it into an enormous closet.)

I want this in purple & silver & black. Angora cardigans & high-waisted skirts. Dream journals & jambalaya! I keep making lists of things to change or do better. Drink more water, read more books, eat less meat, only make promises I can keep, be on time, schedule my day properly. Et cetera.

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