Summer’s Past

This warm weather can only mean one thing…SUMMER!

Its right around the corner, and we are so excited here in our household. My boy’s live outside in the summer. Now that we have a fenced in backyard, I am completely okay with being out there all day. I can let them run around like animals while I get my tan on watch.

I remember growing up in the little backwoods of Gladeville, Tennessee. If you’re thinking it sounds like Hillbilly Central, well you’re right. It is, but I love it still. Going home to Gladeville brings back all of those memories.

I was extremely excited to see the Writer’s Workshop Prompt that said, “List your top 10 favorite things about Summer growing up.”

This prompt is right up my alley.

10. Freshly cut grass
There is nothing in this world like the smell of freshly cut grass. Especially when its just a little bit wet. It sticks to the bottom of your bare feet as you’re running through the front yard. Perfection!

9. More daylight
With more daylight, it meant our bedtimes were pushed back a bit further. Sitting outside at 7:30 pm with the sunset behind the hills are some of my most vivid memories. We would barbecue or swim in our pool. I can still feel the deck wood beneath my wet feet, and the warmth of the metal chair on my skin.

8. Honeysuckle
For me, nothing says Summer quite like honeysuckle.

7. Hide and Go Seek in the dark
This was a neighborhood tradition. We would meet at my neighbor’s house wearing all black. Then we would play until our parents were ready for bed, typically around 11. We had three yards to hide in, and it was the best time. I still have the scar on my knee from one of those nights.

6. Nashville Shores
If you have never been to Nashville, and are planning on coming during the summer months, I recommend this place. Hello heaven.

5. Rachel’s attic
My next door neighbor had a killer attic. We would hide up there all day long playing and laughing. We would play house, barbies, or pretend we were in a rock band. Her mom would always offer us some sort of ice cream treat. I still talk about those days to Rachel and her mom every time I see them.

4. Germany
A couple of my childhood summers were spent in the country of my birth. I adore every thing about Germany in the summer. Picking strawberries from my Oma’s garden, the way the cellar smells, my own little room in the back corner of the upstairs, the way my Opa’s hand seems to perfectly mold into mine, walking through the village to the river to skip rocks with my Aunt, sitting around the table in the dining room of my grandparents house kicking ass at Skip Bo. I love my summer’s spent there, and hope my boys can experience it all someday.

3. Puddle jumping
Nothing requires bare feet more than right after a summer rainstorm. Especially when the back yard ditch turned into a mini-creek. My sister and I would run through the back yard jumping in the puddles and laughing.

2. Warm black top driveways and sidewalk chalk
I remember countless days Id have to wash my blackened feet and chalky hands before walking into the house. It seemed our driveway was always the most colorful in the neighborhood, because of our love of chalk. Luckily my parents were pretty proud of our artwork and never washed it off. I cant say they weren’t pleased when the rain did it for them though.

1. Camp Sycamore Hills
I don’t know if I could sum this place up in a few words. I grew up here. I spent every summer from the time I was 10 until the summer I was a staffer and turned 18. I went from a little girl, to a teenager, and finally into a legal adult. I made my best friends and my worst enemies at this place. I found out who I was and how strong I really am. I am so very thankful for CSH, and the way it molded me and my childhood summers.

What is your favorite Summer Childhood Memory?

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